Product description

Superabsorber with antibacterial action that promotes wound healing: chitoderm® plus is based on a strong superabsorber and the bacteriostatic chitosan coating.

On contact with wound exudate, the growth of bacteria is inhibited by the chitosan coating.

An early change of wound dressing on heavily colonised wounds causes a more rapid reduction of pathogenic organisms and thereby promotes the healing process.

In combination with the superabsorber of chitoderm® plus, the amount of exudate in the wound is reduced, thereby creating a wound environment favourable for healing.

Product composition
  • based on a strong superabsorber
  • chitosan coating
  • hypoallergenic hot melt adhesive
  • with rounded edge for greater wearing comfort
Application area
  • acute and chronic wounds
  • lightly to heavily exudating wounds
  • bacterially contaminated wounds
  • venous leg ulcers, pressure sores, diabetic foot syndrome
  • split thickness skin graft donor sites, postoperative wounds, skin abrasions
  • first and second degree burns
  • bacteriostatic action – absorbs the bacterial cells
  • actively accelerates healing
  • superabsorbent wound dressing
  • non-adhesive

Order information

chitoderm® plusQty.Art-no:
10 cm x 12 cm5


chitoderm® plus - with adhesive border Qty.Art-no:
8 cm x 10 cm570441
12,5 cm x 12,5 cm570442