Product description

Indvidually shrink-wrapped wound dressings made from breathable non woven fleece available in various shapes. The wound pad is treated with antiseptic and does not stick to the wound. With hypoallergenic hot-melt adhesive.

Product composition
  • wound dressing made of light vleese
  • hypoallergen hot-melt-adhesive
  • latex-free
Application area
  • for small to medium sized wounds
  • does not stick to the wound
  • different shapes
  • individually sealed

Order information

QUADRA® medQty.Art-no.
78 mm x 20 mm1070366
78 mm x 26 mm1070367
45 mm x 57 mm1070368
86 mm x 39 mm1070369
Finger strips670365
2 types2070363
5 types4070364
QUADRA® med round
Ø 25 mm15070074
QUADRA® med squareQty.Art-no.
38 mm x 38 mm10070075