ACTIVE FOAM® dressing

ACTIVE FOAM® is a foam dressing featuring extra high absorption and storage of wound exudate. Superb exudate management is provided by a soft, conformable and highly absorbent polyurethane foam. The structure of the wound dressing ensures that the wound area remains moist and reduces the risk of maceration of the surrounding skin. The outer skin tone polyurethane film is permeable to water vapour, waterproof and provides protection against bacteria and contamination.

Properties of ACTIVE FOAM foam dressing:

  • with especially high absorption behaviour
  • semipermeable polyurethane film protects against contamination
  • extra soft, conformable wound dressing


  • acute and chronic wounds
  • moderately to highly exudating wounds
  • venous leg ulcer, pressure sore, diabetic foot syndrome
  • split-skin graft donor sites, postoperative wounds, skin abrasions
  • first and second degree burns
  • also suitable for use under compression bandages
  • for optimal use, ACTIVE Foam is available with and without adhesive border

You are welcome to order Active Foam wound dressings as samples directly from us. Just send us an email or contact us by telephone.


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