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Relieve knee pain with kinesiologic tapes

To gain control of knee pains – with kinesiologic tapes

Our knees are strained on a daily basis, no matter if we move, carry heavy objects or do more

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[Translate to englisch:] Klammern, Kleben, Nähen - wann ist welche Wundversorgung am sinnvollsten?

Needles, staples, tapes – which material to use for different wounds

In order to decide on appropriate wound care measures, it must first of all be clarified which type of wound is present – this is the very first step of wound care in the wound care more

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Taping of ankle and ankle joint

How to correctly tape ankle and ankle joint

The ankle joint connects foot and lower leg and is divided in upper and lower more

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Wrist taping

How do I tape a wrist?

Our wrists are constantly strained in everyday life, our job or sports. Overloads and injuries are not more

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Wound protection and water

Wound protection and water – what you need to know

A fresh wound on the skin requires quick and adequate wound care in order to protect the wound and allow for an optimal wound healing more

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