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[Translate to englisch:] Wundillustration - Active Foam ® Schaumverband hilft bei Dekubitus

What helps against decubitus?

Decubitus is caused by a lasting pressure on a skin area. The result is damage to the skin and/or the underlying more

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MasterAid® Performance Tape

NEW! To protect and stabilise joints, muscles, tendons & ligaments!read more

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Why the shells of crustaceans can heal your wounds!

The healing of wounds is a biological process. Therefore, it is appropriate to support the wound healing process with natural more

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First Aid for Diabetics - What to do in case of a sugar shock?

When diabetics are exposed to hypoglycemia, rapid assistance is needed. In this article, affected persons as well as third parties will learn about the first measures that are more

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Treatment instruction for bite wounds, abrasion wounds and burn injuries!

Bite wounds, abrasion wounds and burn injuries are the most common of all injuries. These wounds are also different when it comes to the proper treatment of the more

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