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How to make children enjoy wearing eye pads: 5 tips

Convincing little patients of wearing eye pads on an everyday basis is not easy. Here we share some tips to get them more

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How does the wound healing process work?

More information on the different phases of wound healing, why wounds tend to itch, and how wounds heal. Find out whether your wound healing process works the way it is supposed more

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Couple on a sporty walk.

Simple Rules that Diabetics should stick to.

Diabetics can contribute to improving their health by following a few tips in their daily more

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[Translate to englisch:] Schwimmen gehen trotz Wunde.

Worry-free swimming for patients with wounds

When going for a swim, wounds need special protection. Here, you will find tips on how to achieve such protection. read more

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An eye in detail.

Why you do not need to be afraid of eye surgeries!

How is eye surgery carried out? Are the costs covered by the healthcare insurance company? Learn more about it more

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