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[Translate to englisch:] Dialyse Shunt

What Is the Dialysis With A Shunt?

During the dialysis, blood is artificially being washed and freed from harmful substances and water. This is also called blood purification and is made for people with kidneys that aren’t able to properly clean the blood more

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Kinesiological taping on the back

Kinesiological taping in therapy and sports

The original method of Kinesio taping was invented by the Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase in the 1970s, but over time it has been further modified and is now more

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Injecting insulin without pain

Injecting insulin without pain – this is how it works!

In many cases, the treatment of diabetes requires the injection of insulin. Many diabetics don't like to think too much about the pinprick they have to endure several times a more

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Strabismus examination children

How to treat strabismus

Strabismus or squinting is a condition in which the eyes do not properly align. Normally, both eyes look into the same direction. In the event of strabismus, the eyes look in different more

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[Translate to englisch:] Faktoren der Wundheilung

Which Factors Affect Wound Healing?

The process of wound healing is affected by many different factors. They do not only concern the wound itself and the right wound care, but the whole body system plays an important more

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