Simple Rules that Diabetics should stick to.

Diabetics can contribute to improving their health by following a few tips in their daily lives.
Couple on a sporty walk.

Important: Sufficient exercise

Healthy food and sugar meter.

and a balanced diet

Those who live with diabetes mellitus usually take medication or inject insulin. In order to provide a healthy blood glucose level, however, there are other helpful measures. Diabetics can contribute to improving their health by following a few tips in their daily lives.

Sufficient exercise and a balanced diet

Blood glucose level: A seemingly simple rule to regulate the blood glucose level is to avoid stress. When you're stressed, your body produces more cortisol, which increases the blood glucose level. It is therefore particularly important for diabetics to avoid stress in everyday life.
Exercise also plays an important role. It causes higher energy consumption, so that glucose is reduced and the blood glucose level drops. In addition, exercise affects the insulin resistance. That means, the response of the body cells to insulin is improved and the blood glucose level remains more stable. It is therefore important to find the right balance between relaxation phases and exercise.

Diet: A balanced diet is also of great importance. Mainly foods with a low glycemic index should be on the menu. The glycemic index indicates the effect of a food on the blood glucose level. Foods with low glycemic index values include whole grain products, vegetables, legumes, and some fruit varieties.
It is also recommended to eat fat-reduced food. Saturated fatty acids, which are mostly found in foods of animal origin, promote insulin resistance. Therefore, unsaturated fatty acids should be consumed. These are, for example, contained in vegetable oils, fish, green leafy vegetables or nuts. A healthy diet also includes the drinking habits. Many drinks have a high sugar content and also alcohol can lead to an increased blood glucose level. Water and tea are therefore a good beverage choice for diabetics. If cakes or alcohol are offered at a celebration or if there is a piece of meat for sunday dinner, it is not forbidden to treat yourself a little bit. However, the balance of the diet is always important. Especially diabetics of the type 2 can reduce their blood sugar by a healthy diet as well as sufficient exercise.

Medication and insulin

If the change in lifestyle alone is not sufficient, medicines or the injection of insulin must be used. In this case, it is important to seek comprehensive advice from a doctor. Some general things have to be considered in the daily handling of diabetes. The uncomplicated injection of insulin is an important aspect.

For the injection of insulin the appropriate vaccination vessel is needed:

  • A modern form of insulin injection is done with a so-called injection pen. For standard pens, a cartridge with insulin is used. After inserting the needle into the body tissue, the insulin is released by a push of a button
  • Pre-filled injection pens already contain a certain amount of insulin and are disposed of after the insulin is used up. The advantage of all insulin pens is the easy handling and dosing possibility.
  • Another good variant is the injection with pen cannulas, which are used only once for hygienic reasons.

Whether you use a syringe, an injection pen or a pen cannula, an important principle of the insulin injection is the injection into the subcutaneous fat tissue. Belly, thighs and buttocks are suitable for this purpose. When injecting, a skin fold should be formed so that no vessels are hit. In addition, the injection site must be changed every time.
Insulin is used as a medication for hyperglycemia, that is, if the blood glucose is too high. In order to be able to react quickly to an acute hyperglycemia, glucose sweets should always be at hand. The glucose contained in it passes directly into the blood and immediately increases the blood glucose level.
In addition, carrying a diabetic card is always an advantage. This way, first-aiders can analyse the situation more quickly and respond more quickly. Today's medical care is hardly affecting life with diabetes. A healthy diet and sufficient exercise can particularly help diabetics to improve their quality of life.