Wound healing and wound dressings guide

The treatment of wounds is multifarious: each type of wound requires a different supply. We have composed useful information and practical tips for everyday life here for you. You will find advice on dealing with chronic and acute wounds as well as interesting facts about the effects of household and natural remedies. Wound healing can be positively influenced by a good supply.

Fear of needles in children – not a problem at all with suture-free wound closure methods

Fear of needles in children – not a problem at all with suture-free wound closure methods

When playing or frolicking around, children are likely to get more

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[Translate to englisch:] Klammern, Kleben, Nähen - wann ist welche Wundversorgung am sinnvollsten?

Needles, staples, tapes – which material to use for different wounds

In order to decide on appropriate wound care measures, it must first of all be clarified which type of wound is present – this is the very first step of wound care in the wound care more

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Wound protection and water

Wound protection and water – what you need to know

A fresh wound on the skin requires quick and adequate wound care in order to protect the wound and allow for an optimal wound healing more

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Wound Closure Without Stitches - What are the advantages of skin and tissue adhesives?

In order to cure open areas of the skin without leaving a prominent scar, it is advisable to select an appropriate wound closure. At first, the bleeding has to be more

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[Translate to englisch:] Dialyse Shunt

What Is the Dialysis With A Shunt?

During the dialysis, blood is artificially being washed and freed from harmful substances and water. This is also called blood purification and is made for people with kidneys that aren’t able to properly clean the blood more

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[Translate to englisch:] Faktoren der Wundheilung

Which Factors Affect Wound Healing?

The process of wound healing is affected by many different factors. They do not only concern the wound itself and the right wound care, but the whole body system plays an important more

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[Translate to englisch:] Wundillustration - Active Foam ® Schaumverband hilft bei Dekubitus

What helps against decubitus?

Decubitus is caused by a lasting pressure on a skin area. The result is damage to the skin and/or the underlying more

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