Occlusion eye patches were developed specially for occlusion therapy in children. They are valued not only because of the wide range of coloured motifs, but also due to their outstanding adhesive properties and skin friendliness.


ACTIVE® foam is a highly absorbent, non sticking wound dressing of polyurethane foam. The special structure of the wound dressing makes sure, that the sore area is always wet which decreases the risk of maceration of the surrounding skin. The outer, skin coloured foil, made of polyurethane is water vapor permeable and builds protection against bacteria and contamination. ACTIVE® foam can be applied in combination with a pressure bandage.

DROP med

Sterile, individually sealed standard dressing. Extremely absorbent, enlarged dressing pad.Very light, soft non-woven fl eece. With hypoallergenic hot-melt adhesive. The roundedcorners ensure that the dressings conform well to any part of the body and make themparticularly comfortable to wear.


Sterile wound closure strips made of inelastic carrier fabric. Used for sutureless wound closure or to relieve tension on sutures. Only 2.5 mm (3.5 mm) wide in the mid-region (wound contact); the ends are wider at 8 mm (13 mm). With hypoallergenic hot-melt adhesive.


[Translate to englisch:] Buntes, rundum klebendes Injektionspflaster von der Rolle. Luftdurchlässiger Strip aus weichem Baumwollvlies mit hypoallergenem Hot-Melt-Kleber zur Wundversorgung und zum Schutz nach der Injektion.


Individually sealed, sterile wound patch made of light, white fabric. Highly absorbent dressingpad that swells on contact with liquid, increasing pressure on the puncture site / wound incase of bleeding. With hypoallergenic hot-melt adhesive.



Individual surgical sets for ophthalmology. The right solution for the ophthalmic surgeon in all areas of eye surgery.