Product description

TRUfine® pen cannulas are sterile single-use injection needles and come in four different lengths with different diameters. We have the suitable needle for every type. Thanks to the noticeably smooth silicone coating and the outstanding triple bevel cut, we can guarantee optimal skin-friendly use. With their well-proven screw thread, TRUfine® pen cannulas fit all commonly used pens. Insulin pen cannulas are sterile single-use products and should be changed after each use.

Advantages of our TRUfine® Pen cannulas

Product composition
Product composition
  • Pen-canulla with Thin-Wall-Technology
  • triple bevel cut
  • silicon-coated surface
  • screw thread
  • latex-free
  • pyrogen-free
Application area
Application area
  • for gentle insulin injection
  • sterile single-use injection needles
  • optimal insulin supply
  • skin-friendly
TRUfine® Pen cannulas

Order information

TRUfine®needle powerQty.Art-no.
32G0,23 x 4 mm10076001
31G0,25 x 6 mm10076002
29G0,33 x 12 mm10076004