Produkt description

IDRA® Hydrogel creates a soothing feeling on the wound.

IDRA® Hydrogel rehydrates the tissue and prevents the wound surface from drying out.

IDRA® Hydrogel absorbs excess wound secretion and creates an optimally moist wound environment.

The IDRA® hydrogel matrix is made of a polymer which binds large amounts of water in its three-dimensional network.

The molecules of hyaluronic acid are able to form a film over the wound surface, i.e. better hydration and faster wound healing.

Product composition
Product composition
  • made of polymer to bind large amounts of water
  • forms a film over the wound surface
Application area
Application area
  • wounds in the granulation phase
  • dry wounds with necrotic tissue
  • moist and exuding wounds
  • creates a soothing feeling on the wound
  • promotes the wound healing process
  • easy to remove
  • with hyaluronic acid

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