TRU-PACK® - Individual surgical kits for ophthalmology

For surgical interventions on the eye and subsequent wound care individual surgical kits are available which we assemble according to the customer’s request. Our sample kits for four selected procedures in ophthalmology (cataract surgery, intravitreal injections, LASIK surgery and vitrectomies) provide orientation for this personalised composition.



komplettes OP Set mit Abdecktüchern und Kittel
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Our TRU-PACK® kits meet the requirements of modern ophthalmology. They comprise necessary instruments, drapes, swabs and other surgical accessories. In the assembly of the surgical kits or Custom Procedure Trays (CPTs)), we take into account the special requirements of your hospital or ophthalmologist’s office. Together we will discuss all relevant details regarding surgery, subsequent wound care, and the workflows you practice. Thus we can define a packing order that is optimal for you and makes efficient work possible. A surgical kit tailored to your needs simplifies and accelerates preparation for surgery and optimises the workflow. This saves you valuable time and costs, and enables you to increase quality and safety through a continuous process.

Once all the essential information has been gathered your bespoke TRU-PACK®  set is configured in compliance with the high quality standards of our production and according to our procedures. You can order this personalised compilation at any time and review it together with us should you wish to alter it.

Quality of the surgical kits

OP-Set Anleitung

In the manufacture of the products and the packaging of our ophthalmic surgical kits we attach great importance to adherence to the highest quality standards. Of course, this applies to our suppliers as well. The TRU-PACK® kits are packaged in a cleanroom under controlled conditions using modern technology. Our production and packaging staff are highly qualified and can be deployed flexibly at all stations thanks to the job rotation system.

In order to continually ensure the high quality of our products regular checks are carried out at all production stages. These tests also serve as continuous improvement process so that we will continue to meet the highest of standards. The certification according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and Directive 93/42/EEC (EU Medical Devices Directive) documents compliance with the high quality requirements in our production.

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Benefits of our surgical kits for users (hospitals and physicians)

OP-Set Instrumente und Abdecktuch

Personalised surgical kits ensure higher quality, greater safety and more cost-effectiveness in the practice of hospitals and surgeries: during surgical preparation, surgical procedures and postoperative wound care. The cost advantage that custom procedure trays offer their users is not to be underestimated. The precise alignment with the needs and standards of hospitals and surgeries leads to significant reduction in labour costs and protects the environment (reduction of waste products).

TRU-PACK® kits can be adapted and assembled to suit your requirements. We guarantee short processing and delivery times. You will receive an offer without obligation within three days of your enquiry. If samples of the surgical kits are desired in advance, the non-sterile samples are available already after five days, the sterile samples generally after ten days. At the latest six weeks after the order has been received you will receive the first delivery of your individually manufactured surgical kits. Subsequent deliveries will be provided within 28 days. Upon request it is also possible to create a warehouse stock. Even for small quantities, we can retain stockpiles for you.



Surgical kits for immediate use

Provision and placement of the necessary instruments and surgical accessories is essential for the smooth and efficient course of a surgery. Our surgical kits are packed ready for use. The packing sequence is precisely matched to your workflows. This saves you valuable time before surgery and enables you to start immediately – especially in emergencies – and begin the treatment. Under normal conditions, in turn, the surgical kits allow standardisation of work processes and the shortening of familiarisation times.

Our TRU-PACK® kits also offer promising advantages for the purchasing department of the hospital or surgery: In addition to high cost transparency you benefit, for example, from the possibility of smaller order quantities. Thanks to the reduction of suppliers in the field of ophthalmology, the red tape is also automatically reduced. Moreover, the handy custom procedure trays minimise your storage space requirements and simplify stocktaking. In addition, the value of the stock and the waste production are reduced.

Ultimately the time saving in the preparation for surgery leads to higher theatre capacity utilisation which in turn increases profitability. With regard to the diagnosis related groups (DRGs), cost allocation is simplified and billing is reduced.

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Application specific surgical kits for standard methods in ophthalmology

In ophthalmology some interventions are routine treatments, such as cataract surgery, intravitreal injections, or vitrectomies. By now LASIK surgery is also part of the range of services offered by many hospitals and ophthalmologists’ surgeries. Based on these four examples we present possible surgical kits that can be freely adapted to your wishes and needs.

Cataract surgery

In cataract the lens is tarnished impairing vision. Especially the elderly are often affected by this eye disease which is also suspected to be associated with diabetes or a hereditary predisposition. Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures in ophthalmology.

Sample kit cataract surgery:

  • 1 wrap · 150 × 140 cm · biplex (2-ply) · absorbent
  • 1 cotton applicator · 15 cm · small head · with wooden handle
  • 1 hydrodissection cannula · 25G × ⅞” · 0.5 × 22 mm 4 gauze swabs · plum-sized (20 × 20 cm)
  • 4 gauze compresses · 12-fold · 10 × 10 cm
  • 1 ophthalmic drape · 150 × 120 cm · auto-adhesive · spunbonded fabric · absorbent and waterproof
  • 1 drain bag · 27 × 25 cm
  • 1 transparent cover (Tegaderm™) · 10 × 12 cm
  • 1 surgical gown · SMMS · size XXL
  • 1 surgical gown · SMMS · size XL
  • 4 hand wipes (Super Core) · 30 × 38 cm · white
  • 1 monitor cover · 80 × 50 cm
  • 1 surgical latex gloves (Nobafeel®-sensitive) · powder-free · size 7.5
  • 1 surgical polychloroprene gloves (Neopretex®) · powder-free · size 6.5 
Intravitreal injection
Intravitreal injection

Intravitreal injection is known under the abbreviation IVI. Here, a drug is injected directly into the vitreous body. This procedure can be used to treat age related macular degeneration as well as retinal impairments and swellings of the foveacentralis (point of sharpest vision) caused by pathological vascular processes.

Sample kit intravitreal injection:

  • 1 crepe wrap · 90 × 90 cm · blue
  • 1 ophthalmic drape 75 × 75 cm · auto-adhesive · absorbent and waterproof
  • 1 transparent cover (Tegaderm™) · 10 × 12 cm
  • 1 surgical latex gloves (Nobafeel®-sensitive) · powder-free · size 7.5
  • 1 surgical polychloroprene gloves (Neopretex®) · powder-free · size 6.5
  • 1 cotton applicator · 15 cm · small head · with wooden handle
  • 3 ocular swabs 
LASIK surgery

In LASIK surgery ametropia is corrected with a laser. With this method short and long-sightedness as well as corneal irregularities can be permanently remedied. The refractive power of the cornea is changed by the laser beam in such a manner that the patient can see with full visual acuity.

Sample kit LASIK surgery:

  • 1 wrap · 75 × 90 cm · biplex (2-ply) · absorbent
  • 2 eye patches · 9 holes · transparent
  • 1 gallipot · 60 ml · transparent
  • 2 syringes (Omnifix®) · LL · 3-part · 10 ml
  • 5 non-woven compresses · 6-fold · 7.5 × 7.5 cm
  • 2 gauze compresses · 12-fold · 10 × 10 cm
  • 1 bowl with 2 integrated gallipots
  • 2 incision films · 15 × 20 cm · adhesive surface 10 × 20 cm
  • 2 lasik drapes · 90 × 80 cm · auto-adhesive · spunlace · · water-repellent
  • 1 ink pad (gentian violet)

In vitrectomy parts of the vitreous body or the entire vitreous body in the eye are removed. Such an intervention is required, among other things, in diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, or vitreous haemorrhage.

Vitrectomy sample kit:

  • 1 wrap · 140 × 150 cm · absorbent and water-repellent
  • 1 ophthalmic drape · 275 × 160 cm · with nose bridge, hose holder and fluid collecting system
  • 1 incision film · 15 × 16 cm
  • 1 eye pad (OPTOMED® SIMPLEX) · 60 × 55 mm
  • 20 non-woven compresses · 4-fold · 10 × 10 cm
  • 4 cotton applicators · 15 cm · small head · with wooden handle
  • Absorbent stick (pack of 20)
  • 1 injector · LL · 2 ml
  • 1 needle (Sterican® Heparin) · G25 × ⅝” · 0.5 × 16 mm · orange
  • 1 needle (Sterican® size 2) · G21 × 1½” · 0.8 × 40 mm · green
  • 2 needle (Sterican®) · G18 × 1½” · 1.2 × 40 mm · pink
  • 1 needle (Sterican® size 14) · G23 × 1¼” · 0.6 × 30 mm · blue
  • 2 needle (Sterican® Insulin) · G30 × ½” · 0.3 × 12 mm · yellow
  • 1 polishing cannula · 23G × 1” · 0.65 × 25 mm · olive tip · curved
  • 1 anterior chamber cannula · 27G × ⅞” · 0.4 × 22 mm · bent 35 ° [Rycroft]
  • 2 syringes (Omnifix®) · LL · 3-part · 2.5 ml
  • 1 hose holder · 2.5 × 30 cm
  • 1 surgical gown · SMMS · size XXL
  • 1 surgical gown · SMMS · size XL
  • 4 hand wipes (Super Core) 30 × 38 cm · white
  • 1 Mayo table cover · 145 × 80 cm 

The four surgical kits presented here are examples for orientation. Each individual surgical kit is compiled based on the respective requirements of the customer.

TRU-PACK® kits are tailor-made solutions for theatre use, since our prime objectives is to optimally serve the needs of our customers.

Innovative products of unique quality

The production of our surgical kits is subject to continuous quality assurance which is embedded into a comprehensive quality management. This also includes the fact that only trained specialists are involved into the manufacturing process. The certification according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and the EU Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC guarantees our quality. For us it serves as a benchmark for a high quality level which is reflected, for example, in the sterile and cleanroom design of our production areas. In order to be able to meet the requirements of modern ophthalmology in the future as well we continually invest in innovations and into the quality of our products.

With a TRU-PACK® kit you get a first-class product made in Germany which reflects our know-how and many years of experience in the field of medical devices.

Possible components of the surgical kits from the product portfolio

At TRU-PACK® you decide about the components of your surgical kit. We guarantee that all products fulfil the highest requirements and are sterile packaged. We obtain the individual components of our surgical kits from reputable suppliers. Whether syringes, single-use cannulas, medical forceps or gloves – we supply high quality products at a fair price. Each manufacturer is audited beforehand and at regular intervals so that the quality of the surgical kits can be guaranteed at all times. In total you can choose from about 800 individual products. These include:

Surgical gowns

Regarding surgical gowns, we attach great importance to high-quality workmanship and a good fit to ensure a high degree of flexibility and mobility during treatment. The materials used for production are latex free raw materials that are lint free and abrasion resistant. Our surgical gowns are ideal for short operations such as the frequently performed ocular outpatient procedures. The coats of SMMS material are liquid-repellent and robust. Their low weight ensures wearability and comfort.


Where it comes to drapes, you can choose between standard sizes and custom made products. The punching can also be adapted to match your requirements. Four drape variants are available to choose from:

  1. Biplex: These drapes are made of a 2-ply material with an absorbent non-woven upper side. For the underside a waterproof PE material is used as an optimal microbial barrier.
  2. SMMS: These are 4-ply drapes made from a liquid-repellent and breathable non-woven fabric. They are ideal for shorter interventions.
  3. Spunbonded fabric: With two absorbent non-woven layers on the outsides and a wa-terproof PE layer in between, the 3-ply cover systems made of spunbonded fabric offer the necessary protection during longer surgeries.
  4. Spunlace: These 1-ply drapes are made of a liquid-repellent non-woven fabric and are particularly suitable for minor and short surgical procedures where small amounts of liquid are to be expected.

Our staff will be happy to help you in case of questions about individual components of the surgical kits, and advise you on the development and configuration of your individual TRU-PACK® kit, guaranteeing you safe, high quality and efficient work in the theatre.