Guide chronic diseases

Diseases that are permanent require much dedication and discipline from patients. Whether it is the regular intake of medication or the mastery of everyday life - we give you helpful tips for dealing with various chronic diseases. From joint problems to living with diabetes, read articles on a variety of topics here.

Relieve knee pain with kinesiologic tapes

To gain control of knee pains – with kinesiologic tapes

Our knees are strained on a daily basis, no matter if we move, carry heavy objects or do more

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Taping of ankle and ankle joint

How to correctly tape ankle and ankle joint

The ankle joint connects foot and lower leg and is divided in upper and lower more

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Wrist taping

How do I tape a wrist?

Our wrists are constantly strained in everyday life, our job or sports. Overloads and injuries are not more

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Kinesiological taping on the back

Kinesiological taping in therapy and sports

The original method of Kinesio taping was invented by the Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase in the 1970s, but over time it has been further modified and is now more

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Injecting insulin without pain

Injecting insulin without pain – this is how it works!

In many cases, the treatment of diabetes requires the injection of insulin. Many diabetics don't like to think too much about the pinprick they have to endure several times a more

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First Aid for Diabetics - What to do in case of a sugar shock?

When diabetics are exposed to hypoglycemia, rapid assistance is needed. In this article, affected persons as well as third parties will learn about the first measures that are more

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Couple on a sporty walk.

Simple Rules that Diabetics should stick to.

Diabetics can contribute to improving their health by following a few tips in their daily more

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