Eye diseases guide

eye complaints are very diverse. From temporary impairments to long-term illnesses, you will find information on the most common visual impairments here. We will explain to you therapy forms and give you very practical everyday tips. In our guide you will find useful information about eye surgery, treatment of strabismus and much more.

Strabismus examination children

How to treat strabismus

Strabismus or squinting is a condition in which the eyes do not properly align. Normally, both eyes look into the same direction. In the event of strabismus, the eyes look in different directions.read more

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How to make children enjoy wearing eye pads: 5 tips

Convincing little patients of wearing eye pads on an everyday basis is not easy. Here we share some tips to get them motivated.read more

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An eye in detail.

Why you do not need to be afraid of eye surgeries!

How is eye surgery carried out? Are the costs covered by the healthcare insurance company? Learn more about it here.read more

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