As of 01.02.2023, our Managing Director Mr. Hartmut Otto will go into well-deserved retirement. He will thus move from the position of Managing Director to the Advisory Board and continue to assist the company Trusetal Verbandstoffwerk GmbH in an advisory capacity.


The partners of Trusetal Verbandstoffwerk GmbH have appointed two further CEOs with effect from 01.11.2020: Rita Brüggemann and Jessie Ilsen.

They have been providing support to the team for several years now, and their new ideas and expertise will be crucial for the company’s further development.


Our Trusetal Verbandstoffwerk GmbH subsidiary is founded in France. Company headquarters are currently at Strasbourg in Alsace.

The cleanroom area is also expanded this year to meet the increased demand from our customers in the future.

Launch of the TruPodo® product group. This is aimed directly at healthcare professionals in podiatry and chiropody.


On 4 August, 2018 we celebrate our 25th anniversary with our employees and their families and friends and partners of Trusetal Verbandstoffwerk GmbH. Our employees design the summer party with their children (and grandchildren), short performances are rehearsed and performed in the big top. Great atmosphere, weather to dream of and excellent catering make for a lovely start for the next 25 years.


At our Logistics department we start constructing the clean room. Once building is complete we can start manufacturing and distributing our new product range of TRU-PACK® surgical kits.


The company CDQ Medical GmbH is founded together with a Chinese company. Trusetal Verbandstoffwerk GmbH has a 50% share in CDQ Medical. This allows us to include surgical instruments to our product range.


This year sees our major relocation within Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock. We move 3.2km from our headquarters in Industriestrasse 12 to Konrad-Zuse-Straße 15 along with our offices and our entire logistics department. We’re still there today.


Our employee Christiane Paschke launches the KARIBU project in Kenya that is aimed at detecting eye disorders in children early and treating them rapidly. Since then, this project has been chiefly funded by us.


Launch of the EYESFIRST diagnostic eye products product group.


Trusetal Verbandstoff- und Handels GmbH, our second foreign subsidiary, is founded in Austria. Its headquarters are at Graz in Styria to this day.


Trusetal S.L., our first foreign subsidiary, is founded in Spain.


Our current Managing Director Hartmut Otto is appointed Managing Director.

The company’s headquarters move to Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock in East Westphalia. We have stayed their ever since. Sales of MASTER•AID® and ORTOPAD® products are launched in Germany this year. At the same time we start looking for international distribution partners.


Trusetal Verbandstoffwerk GmbH is founded in Nordhorn.

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