About us

Trusetal Verbandstoffwerk GmbH

The partner for professional users in the medical sector

We are a medium-sized family-run business based in the heart of East Westphalia (Germany) specialising in diagnostic and therapeutic medical supplies and medical consumables for clinics, practices, care facilities and specialist retailers.

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Our employees and cooperation partners have practical professional experience in the various medical sectors, so we can offer our customers a versatile selection of the latest top-quality items to meet their needs as well as being at hand at all times to provide advice and suggestions.

Our company’s history goes back to 1993 with the development and sales of occlusion eye patches which we are still - to this day - continuously customising to meet the needs and requests of patients large and small.

The continuous further development and expansion of our product range has been part of our company philosophy from the very start. So we are constantly adapting to changes in market and customer requirements. As a result, our offering now covers a wide range of medical products aimed particularly at ophthalmology and eye surgery as well as wound care. Our range also includes customised products for nursing care and physiotherapy, as well as consumable personal protective equipment. Click here to see our products.

Our vision

Helping to help

Our vision is of a world where every person has access to top-quality, effective medical products. We develop solutions for professional users to achieve precisely that.

Our business culture

Mid-sized family business, highly innovative and with an international network

As a medium-sized family-run business in the healthcare sector, we are committed to reliability, trust and appreciation – for our customers as much as our employees, suppliers and cooperation partners. For us, high quality products are an essential part of user and patient safety. We keep in close touch with all our target groups and are committed to meeting the specific customer/market and environmental requirements and develop – sometimes with international partners – innovative solutions for human health and the environment.

Our values

What we believe in

1. Quality concerns us all! Every one of our employees is responsible for the quality of their own activities so we can ensure our customers are always satisfied.

2. We put into practice a safety culture, focussing on preventing errors before they happen.

Errors in the medical sector have major, far-reaching consequences, so we are always focussed on preventing errors before they happen. All processes are subject to continuous review and optimisation.

3. Our employees are our most valuable asset. Their actions make us quality, cost and environmentally-conscious.

So training, professional development and the welfare of our employees is a very high priority.

4. Trusetal keeps its finger on the pulse. Our offering is always aligned with what customers currently want.

We are committed to meeting the constantly changing requirements for our products and our company. We put the users and patients first. Our offering is always aligned with what customers currently want and designed to allow future development.

5. Our quality management system is effective and is continuously developing.

We commit to continuously develop ourselves along with our quality management system. We do this through regular internal and external audits conducted by a certifying body.


Trusetal Verbandstoffwerk GmbH currently has 41 employees at the Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock site.

Who we are

Company management

Jessie Ilsen
Company management / Head of Online Marketing
*Part of the team for 8 years


Rita Brüggemann
Company management / Head of Purchasing
*Part of the team for 27 years


Human Resources Department

Susanne Fink
Head of HR
*Part of the team for 26 years

Order Processing

Steffen Randow
Head of Order Processing
*Part of the team since 2018

Logistics / Inventory

Melki Keles
Head of Logistics / Inventory
*Part of the team for 20 years

Product Manager

Tanja Kerins
Head of TRU-PACK® surgical kits
*Part of the team for 7 years

Thomas Kramer
Head of Wound Management and Podiatry
*Part of the team for 22 years

Ute Rau
Head of Diagnostic Eye Products Department
*Part of the team since 2012

Export, Import, Customs

Ilka Brüseke
*Part of the team for 21 years

Markus Güth
*Part of the team for 5 years

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