The elasticity of a material is crucial when used for taping. Tapes may be non-elastic or elastic. The specific elastic properties of the material determine which of the many areas of application and dressing methods apply.

Conventional non-elastic tape dressings are used to treat musculoskeletal injuries and to prevent injury. They are indicated for immobilisation, support and stabilisation of the injured or compromised area. Tapes can be adjusted around individual body shapes better than bandages. SPORT TAPE® by MASTER•AID® meets all the requirements for a good, non-stretch tape: It has high structural stability and strong adhesion and uses a hypoallergenic adhesive.

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Taping with elastic adhesive binding “kinesiology” tapes are used for controlled mobilisation of muscles and joints. This is used in many sports areas and, for example in patients receiving orthopaedic or physiotherapy care. These elastic sports and therapy tapes also include PERFORMANCE TAPE. With 130% elasticity, strong S-undulated glue coating and high breathability, it meets all the requirements for kinesiology tape. Because of its good structural integrity, the tape retains full functionality on the skin for up to seven days.

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