Optimal care for dialysis shunts

Compression plasters are well-established aids in dialysis aftercare. They ensure the proper and reliable care of needle insertion sites after removing puncture needles.

When used as a secondary dressing for alginate compresses, they offer additional security: If there is a concern regarding very heavy or delayed bleeding, the compresses can remain on the puncture site (up to 24 hours in the case of ALGIPAD™) and additionally covered with the plaster strips. Thanks to their particularly absorbent wound pad with a compression effect, the strips help minimise the risk of uncontrolled secondary bleeding.

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Maximum infection protection for vascular accesses

Vascular catheters are indispensable for dialysis, however they also harbour the risk of serious infectious complications. Therefore, guidelines and products that reduce the development of infections associated with vascular catheters and ensure patient safety are needed.

As a part of the set of measures for minimising the risk of infections associated with vascular catheters, the German Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (KRINKO) recommends the use of dressings with wound pads containing chlorhexidine, such as DROP®MED and CUTIFLEX®MED.

The dressings, known as CHX dressings, enable vascular access points to be treated in an integrated way with reliable antimicrobial protection. They are suitable as a secure cover for the catheter exit site during dialysis, just as – in combination with the pocket dressing PROTECATH B/D™ – for infection prevention in aftercare. Their antiseptic effect starts directly upon application, without moisture being needed for activation. Necessary catheter checks are carried out during dressing changes.

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