Personal protective equipment

The Technical Rules for Biological Agents (TRBA) 250 state that wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory if there is a risk of contamination of work clothing, contact with bodily fluids and secretions or hazardous substances. It is therefore required for many activities in the healthcare sector.

Personal protective clothing is a high priority in medicine since it protects staff and patients from pathogens and potential infections. Medical protective equipment is therefore required not only in operating theatres and laboratories but also on a day-to-day basis in routine clinical and practice settings.

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The requirements for PPE differ from product to product and also depend on the precise intended purpose. For many items in certain areas, it is enough to affix the declaration “Food Standard Approved”. Generally, however, the protective equipment must also meet statutory requirements before it can be authorised for medical use. In addition to a range of different testing methods to determine whether and if so to what extent a product meets the specified criteria, tests for secondary risks are also conducted. These include, for example, allergy-triggering materials.

Quality should always be the priority when selecting a PPE range. It is also essential to use the products in accordance with the specific risk situation and ensure the type and duration of use is in accordance with the Instructions for Use.

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