TRU-PACK® surgical kits

TRU-PACK® surgical kits - customised surgical kits for ophthalmology

Customised surgical kits that we assemble to meet customer requirements. For eye surgery and follow-up wound care. We have sample kits for four selected interventions in ophthalmology (cataract operations, intravitreal injections, LASIK operations and vitrectomies) that we use when customising these kits.

Our TRU-PACK® kits meet the latest requirements of modern ophthalmology. They contain all the instruments, drapes, swabs and other surgical accessories you need. We take account of any special requirements your clinic or ophthalmologist practice has when assembling the surgical kits or our custom procedure trays (CPT). We discuss all relevant details with you on operations, follow-up wound care and the procedures you use. That allows us to specify the right pack series for you, so you can work efficiently. A surgical kit that’s customised to your needs simplifies and speeds up pre-op procedures as well as optimising workflows. So you save valuable time and costs and gain quality and safety by following standardised workflows.

Once all essential information has been communicated, your customised TRU-PACK® kit is configured to the highest quality standards at our Production department in line with our planning. You can order this customised kit from us at any time as required and you can also contact us to make adjustments if your requirements change.

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Quality of surgical kits

Meeting the highest quality standards is our top priority for the manufacture and products and packing our ophthalmological surgical kits. And of course the same applies to our suppliers. The TRU-PACK® kits are packed in a clean room under controlled conditions using the latest technology. Our employees in the Manufacturing and Packaging departments are highly qualified and can be flexibly deployed at all work stations thanks to our job rotation system.

Regular checks are conducted at all steps of the manufacturing process to ensure our products consistently meet the highest quality standards. These inspections are also part of our continuous improvement process, to ensure that we can continue to meet the high standards over the long term. Our certification to DIN EN ISO 13485 and Directive 93/42/EEC (the EU’s Medical Device Directive) provides formal confirmation that we comply with the high quality requirements at our Production department.

Benefits of our surgical kits for users (clinics and physicians)

Customised surgical kits ensure higher quality, greater safety and improved cost-effectiveness for routine clinical/practice workflows: surgery, pre-op and post-op wound care. The cost benefits to users from the custom procedure trays should not be underestimated, either. By aligning our products precisely with the needs and scale of clinics and practices, we reduce the amount of work required as well as protecting the environment by reducing waste products.

TRU-PACK® kits can be customised and assembled to meet any indication. We guarantee rapid processing and delivery times. We’ll provide you with a no-obligation quotation within three days of your request. If you’d like to see samples of the surgical kits in advance, the non-sterile samples will be available in just five days and sterile samples generally within ten days. And you’ll receive the first shipment of your customised surgical kits within a maximum of six weeks of your order being received by us. Subsequent deliveries will be provided within 28 days. We can also hold items in stock if required. We can hold items in stock for you in small quantities of up to 50 kits, for example.

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Surgical kits for immediate use

Assembling and readying the right instruments and surgical accessories are essential for ensuring that an operation goes smoothly and efficiently. Our surgical kits are provided in ready-to-use packs designed for immediate use. The pack series is perfectly aligned with your procedures. That saves you important time pre-op so you can respond immediately and start treatment – particularly important in emergencies. Even under normal conditions the surgical kits help you to standardise work processes and reduce the time needed for extra training.

Our TRU-PACK® kits also offer very promising benefits for the clinic/practice procurement department: As well as high levels of cost transparency, for example, you also benefit from smaller order quantities. And reducing the number of suppliers of your ophthalmological products automatically relieves the administrative burden. Our handy custom procedure trays also minimise the storage space you need and make inventories simpler. They also reduce the value of items in stock and waste items.

Finally, saving time at the pre-op stage means improving utilisation levels at your operating theatres with the associated increase in profitability. Cost allocation by diagnosis related group (DRG) is simplified, with a reduction in the number of invoices sent.

Innovative products at unique levels of quality

Production of our surgical kits is under constant monitoring and continuous quality assurance embedded in a comprehensive quality management system. This is helped by the fact that only trained professionals are involved in manufacturing. And with our certification to DIN EN ISO 13485 and the EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC customers can be assured that we comply with the high quality requirements. We use this as a benchmark for our high level of quality as reflected, for example, in the sterile, clean room status of our production areas. We are continuously investing in innovations and the quality of our product to ensure we continue to meet the requirements of modern ophthalmology.

By purchasing our TRU-PACK® kit you are receiving a first-class product that is made in Germany and reflects our expertise and many years of experience in the manufacture of medical supplies.

TRU-PACK® kits are customised solutions for use in operating theatres, as one of our most important aims is to serve our customers’ needs as best we can.

Suggested components for surgical kits from our product portfolio

You decide what components you want in your TRU-PACK® surgical kit. We guarantee that all products meet the highest requirements and are in sterile packs. We source the individual items for our surgical kits from reputable suppliers. We supply high-quality products at a fair price, from syringes, single-use cannulas, medical tweezers or gloves. Every manufacturer is inspected in advance and at regular intervals thereafter to ensure we can guarantee the quality of the surgical kits at all times. You have a total of around 800 individual products to choose from. These include:

■ Surgical gowns

■ Surgical gloves

■ Gauze products

■ Spear swabs

■ Scalpels

■ Syringes

■ Table sacks

■ Eye patches

■ Single-use instruments

■ Swabs

■ Cannulas

■ Specula

■ Filters

■ and much more


You have a choice of standard-sized and custom-sized drapes. All drapes are for single use only. Various punching options are also available. There is a total of four different materials to choose from:

  • Biplex: These drapes are made of a 2-ply material with the top layer made from absorbent non-woven fabric. The bottom layer is made from waterproof PE material to act as an optimum germ barrier.
  • SMMS: These are 4-ply drapes made from liquid-repellent, breathable non-woven fabric. They are perfect for shorter operations.
  • Spunbond non-woven: With two layers of absorbent fabric on the outside and one waterproof layer of PE in the middle, these 3-ply drape systems made of spunbond non-woven fabric provide the protection required for longer operations.
  • Spunlace: These 1-ply drapes are made of a liquid-repellent non-woven fabric and are particularly suitable for minor surgery and short operations where fluid levels are expected to be low.

Surgical gowns

For our surgical gowns we pay particular attention to careful processing and ensuring a good fit to allow a high degree of freedom of movement and flexibility during treatment. Latex-free raw materials are used to manufacture the gowns as they are non-linting and resistant to abrasion. Our surgical gowns are perfect for short operations such as eye operations which are frequently performed on an outpatient basis. The gowns are made from SMMS, so they are liquid-repellent and resilient. They are very comfortable to wear because of their light weight.

If you have any questions about individual components for the surgical kits we would be pleased to help: We can advise you on developing and configuring your customised TRU-PACK® kit to ensure your operation is safe and efficient and meets the highest quality standards.

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