Nonwoven fabric dressings

Non-woven dressings are used for draping and protecting wounds with a range of aetiologies. So they need to meet a range of different requirements as well.

As well as the basic functions of reliably protecting wounds from exposure to external factors and absorbing as much wound exudate as possible, requirements also include very good skin tolerance and optimum breathability. Adhesive properties are also a factor in selecting the right dressing material: Nonwoven fabric dressings should ensure the best fit, particularly at articulated parts of the body and during movement, whilst also being as easy as possible to remove without affecting the skin.

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MASTER•AID® dressings combine optimum wound protection and the best skin tolerance. They are made from a breathable, flexible backing material with an absorbent pad that does not adhere to the wound. This combination in conjunction with the hypoallergenic adhesive they use ensures outstanding skin tolerance. So the dressings are also suitable for sensitive skin types.

In order to achieve good breathability and make removing the dressing as pain-free as possible, carefully controlled strips of adhesive are applied at the manufacturing stage. The highly mono-elastic backing reduces mobility restrictions.

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