Product description

ORTOPAD® is made of an exceptionally soft and breathable non-woven fleece with special light-excluding pad and skin-friendly hot-melt adhesive.

Every box of ORTOPAD® boys/girls, ORTOPAD® cotton boys/girls und ORTOPAD® happy contains

  • 5 different designs
  • individually wrapped occlusion eye patches
  • one set of instructions for use per box

ORTOPAD® is also available as mix-version with 30 great designs. Each pack ORTOPAD® mix contains 100 eye patch according to choice.

Product composition
  • new thin, soft light protection inlay
  • skin-friendly cotton backing fabric
  • air-permeable
  • latex free
  • hypoallergic adhesive
Application area
  • occlusion therapy
  • hypoallergenic due to skin-friendly adhesive
  • conformable and air-permeable nonwoven fabric
  • with and without glitter effect