Trusetal Verbandstoffwerk GmbH

The partner for professional users in the medical sector

We specialise in diagnostic and therapeutic medical supplies and medical consumables for clinics, practices, care facilities and specialist retailers. We offer a top-quality service under one roof, from development to manufacture to sales and distribution.

Our offering covers a wide range of medical products aimed particularly at ophthalmology and eye surgery as well as wound care. Our range also includes customised products for nursing care and physiotherapy, as well as consumable personal protective equipment.

Our brands

With our brands, we´re a partner you can rely on:

You can rely on us for consistently top quality and professional levels of service and advice. In each of our special areas we stock a range that’s always tailored to your needs and will be delighted to advise you.

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Our MASTER•AID® products provide high quality, reliable wound care. Our partner Pietrasanta Pharma S.p.A. produces them to stringent quality and environmental protection standards at its modern facilities. Our range includes all types of wound and skin closure products: Bandages, dressings and anchorages as well as plasters, patches, surgical swabs and much more. Most MASTER•AID® dressings are made with special hot-melt adhesive – latex-free and solvent-free. They are breathable and sensitive, to ensure optimum wound care for everyone, including people with allergies and people with particularly sensitive skin.


You’ll find everything you need for occlusion therapy (eye patches) under the brand name ORTOPAD®: Occlusion eye patches with appealing designs as well as guides for parents, eye training materials and motivational aids. The design and materials we use for our eye patches are specially aimed at children’s needs. Made from soft non-woven bamboo fabric with a special shading pad, these eco-friendly eye patches use a hypoallergenic, skin-friendly adhesive.


EYESFIRST is our brand for diagnostic eye products – for ophthalmologists and opticians, orthoptists, optometrists as well as occupational physicians and works physicians, paediatric surgeries and early intervention facilities and centres for people with a visual impairment. At EYESFIRST you’ll find everything from vision tests to ophthalmological examination instruments to surgical instruments for eye surgery. As well as materials and instruments, EYESFIRST also provides support from our specialists, for example in the form of product user seminars that we regularly hold for you.


The TRU-PACK® brand provides customised surgical kits for eye operations. TRU-PACK® contains all the instruments, drapes, swabs, dressings and other surgical accessories you need to meet the state-of-the-art requirements in ophthalmology. Our specialists can advise you on the precise set you require based on the specific requirements of your clinic or ophthalmology practice. Our TRU-PACK® surgical kits and their pack series are tailored precisely to your surgical procedures, meaning you can work extremely efficiently.


TruPodo is focused on the requirements of podiatrists and chiropodists. Whether you have your own practice or are a salaried employee, you’ll find everything that’s needed for podiatry and chiropody at TruPodo: Top-quality materials for wound closure or padding and personal medical protective equipment, as well as skincare products containing natural cosmetics. TruPodo can help you with a professional product presentation at your practice and also allows you to develop your own line of care products.


TRUcare® is a brand that stands for top quality footcare products. It stands for 100% quality and contains only ingredients that are authorised natural cosmetics – carefully sourced, particularly well tolerated by the skin and strong-acting. Our TRUcare® products are free of preservatives, have a moisturising effect and recommended for people with diabetes. The range covers moisturising cream, skin and toenail tincture, foot cream to prevent fungal infection as well as lotion for cracked feet.



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