Product description

Sterile, individually shrink-wrapped standard wound dressings. Breathable non-woven fleece with extremely absorbent wound pad. Hypoallergenic hot-melt adhesive.

Product composition
  • standart wound bandage made of light vleese
  • latex-free
  • hypoallergen hot-melt-adhesive
Application area
  • for medium to intense exudating wounds
  • sterile
  • individually sealed
  • no edges - increases the comfort and keeps the plaster right at its place even at challenging places

Order information

5 cm x 7 cm5070435
10 cm x 8 cm 5070436
10 cm x 12 cm5070437
10,5 cm x 20 cm5070438
10,5 cm x 30 cm5070439