Product description

Sterile, ergonomically contoured self-adhesive eye shield with transparent, unbreakable chamber. Thanks to its unique extra deep chamber (approx. 11 mm), it can also be used in cases of marked exophthalmos. Hypoallergenic due to very gentle adhesive (hot-melt adhesive). Especially suitable for maintaining a moist chamber in cases of Lagophthalmus and after care for LASIK surgeries. The shield enables a wide field of vision.

Ortolux® small and Ortolux® large

Chamber:approx. 56 mm x 37 mm
Small adhesive edge: approx. 16 mm, nasal 24 mm
Large adhesive edge:approx. 22 mm, nasal 35 mm




Product composition
  • with hot-melt-pressure sensitive adhesive
Application area
  • for the creation of a wet chamber by lagophthalmos and after LASIK-surgery
  • sterile, ergonomic and with transparent, non breakable bowl
  • extra deep chamber (approx. 11 mm)
  • enables a wide visual field

Order information

Available in two different outer dimensions with the same chamber size.

ORTOLUX® smallQty.Art-no.
approx. 96 mm x 67 mm170105
approx. 96 mm x 67 mm2070106
ORTOLUX® largeQty.Art-no.
approx. 113 mm x 80 mm170107
approx. 113 mm x 80 mm2070108